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PlayBoy Extra Pleasure Condoms 12 Pack

$ 11.99

PlayBoy Extra Pleasure Condoms has ribbed and dotted textures placed perfectly to enhance pleasure for both him and her. Coated with our premium silicone lubricant, this condom is designed to increase excitement and pleasure.

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PlayBoy Extra Pleasure Condoms 12 Pack

Each Playboy Lubricated condoms has a width of 52mm and a reservoir end. Ribbed, dotted and shaped for ultimate stimulation.


  • All condoms are 100% electronically tested for safety and reliability
  • All condoms are tested for Bio-Compatibility according to ISO 10993
  • All condoms are subjected to periodic Nitrosamine testing
  • All condoms are subjected to periodic Protein testing
  • All condom batches are tested for leakage through the use of Electrolyte Water Testing Equipment


Flexibility: Stretchy

Material: Latex

Brand: Playboy

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Weight 100 g


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